Honest Talk on Mental Health 💬 🧠

Honest Talk on Mental Health 💬 🧠

On January 29th, the largest Canadian telecommunications company will once again champion mental health awareness through Bell Let’s Talk Day. Since its inception in 2010, the initiative has become Canada’s largest corporate commitment to mental health, raising over $100 million dollars and surpassing one billion messages of support. All funding will go towards raising awareness, supporting programs, and investing in research and access to mental health services. The Let’s Talk campaign engages people across the nation to dismantle the stigma and take positive action in their communities.

Let's start with a few important facts:

  • Mental health is defined as our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Each one of us falls somewhere on the mental health spectrum at any given time.
  • Emotions play an important role in our well-being, influencing our actions and differing in intensity from one person to another.
  • While we all feel and experience emotions, it’s important to remember that we are not our emotional states.
  • According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, only 25% of adults with mental health issues feel that people are caring and sympathetic to their struggles, which can leave sufferers feeling isolated and hopeless.

Let's do everything in our power to make a difference:

  • Pay more attention.
  • Start a conversation.
  • Communicate more honestly.
  • Stop judging those with mental health issues.
  • Show up with care and empathy.
  • Keep current with the latest facts and resources.

At Mindfulness Without Borders, we imagine a world in which together, we strengthen our awareness through education and do everything in our power to humanize the issue.

By Theo Koffler, speaker, author and founder of Mindfulness Without Borders – a charitable organization that facilitates programs and workshops to strengthen social and emotional intelligence and secular mindfulness in youth and the adults that surround them.