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This 7-session online facilitator certification program is designed exclusively for grade educators, social workers, health professionals, coaches and corporate wellness managers who want to teach and scale emotional intelligence and mindfulness into their workplace settings. The Mindfulness Ambassador Program has many applications, including one-on-one therapeutic sessions, college and university courses, secondary school classrooms and wellness programs.

Mindfulness Ambassador Program Key Research Findings*:

  1. Proven Positive Outcomes: Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) yield positive outcomes across various domains, including mental health, well-being, and job performance.
  2. Reduction in Stress Levels: Participants in the MAP showed improvements in stress management, leading to lower perceived stress levels.
  3. Effective Burnout Mitigation: The MAP effectively mitigates burnout among healthcare workers, demonstrating significant reductions in emotional exhaustion and cynicism, particularly during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Enhanced Social Connections: The program facilitated improvements in social connectedness among participants, addressing challenges in social relationships.
  5. Immediate Benefits for Coping: Mindfulness interventions provide immediate benefits for individuals coping with stressors such as recent medical diagnoses, fostering resilience and well-being.
  6. Organizational Support: Integration of mindfulness programming into organizational wellness initiatives supports employees' well-being, emphasizing the need for support and strategies to address well-being concerns effectively.

*The Mindfulness Ambassador Program (MAP) is supported by research from MacDougall et al., Chowdhury et al., Kim & Hunter, Morrow et al., and Melvin et al.


Can't make it to the May/June training? Or prefer to attend an in-person training? Sign up for our 3-Day Accelerated Program in Barrie, ON.


Need Workbooks or Support?

If you are a Certified Facilitator from Mindfulness Without Borders, your role will stay the same. You can still facilitate the programs to your communities. You still have access to the same reference materials. And you still have our full support. If you have any questions about how to proceed, please email The Global MINDS Collective (GMC) directly.

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The Global MINDS Collective is a leading provider of transformative programs, webinars and certifications that emphasize an intelligence of the heart and mind to bolster action and flourish mental health and well-being for all. We believe when individuals and communities are equipped with social and emotional skills, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial resilience, they are better prepared to face the demands and challenges of daily life. They can transform themselves, a community, a nation, and even the world.

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As a registered charitable social enterprise, we are dedicated to the development of programs and trainings that have the greatest benefit in promoting mental well-being and meaningful and sustainable impact. We are committed to diverse conversations with people with lived experience, young leaders, thought leaders, researchers, educators, health experts, policy makers, and others that can set the wheels in motion to improve lives and accelerate systems change.