Nurturing Healthy Relationships

Nurturing Healthy Relationships

Originally published in Mindfulness Without Border’s February 2018 Newsletter

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re focusing this newsletter on building healthy relationships. Feeling connected and cared for requires a genuine willingness to truly accept each individual exactly as they are. It means being vulnerable and honoring the vulnerability of those around you. Relationship skills are those that allow you to establish and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships with diverse individuals and groups. These skills bolster your ability to communicate clearly, cooperate with others, resolve conflict constructively and resist inappropriate social pressure.

Not sure where to start? Try the Emotional Intelligence activity and mindfulness practice below to help strengthen your relationship-building skills.

Emotional Intelligence Skill

Building Authentic Relationships
Asking questions and being curious about other people’s ideas, goals and insights is paramount to developing healthy relationships. Start a conversation with one of the following questions from our RETHiNK Conversation Deck and you’ll find out what how they interact with the world around them!

✓ Develop Insight: What was a highlight of your day?
✓ Cultivate Gratitude: How do you show appreciation?
✓ Practice Compassion: What does compassion mean to you?

Mindful Practice

Mindful Listening

Developing the capacity to listen fully to others takes time and practice. It takes recognizing judgments as they arrive and not allowing our personal agendas to interfere with our ability to stay open, and curious to all of life’s experiences. Listen to our Mindful Listening practice here or if weather permits, go outside and find a place to sit comfortably for ten minutes (or as much time as you have!) and focus your attention on the sounds that surround you.