(Standing Strong Spirit)
Bill Hill

Indigenous Facilitator

& Advisor

Ro’nikonkatste (Standing Strong Spirit), is a Mohawk from Six Nations. He has just completed a nearly 41 year journey within the walls of St. Joseph’s Health Care London. He has worked in mental health since 1982 as a Nurse, Social Worker and as an Educator, all with a specific focus on an Indigenous worldview. He has designed and implemented unique strategies to incorporate Indigenous knowledge into hospital care and post-secondary practice and curriculum. Bill was the visionary of Biigajiiskaan (Bee-gah Jees Khan) Indigenous Pathways to Mental Wellness which he founded with Dr.Arlene MacDougall at Parkwood Institute Mental Health. Bill co-designed the first Indigenous owned and operated Virtual Mental Health Clinic in Canada through Noojimo Health where he presently holds the position of Co-CEO.