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Entrepreneurs and CEOs from around the world agree that emotional intelligence and mindfulness practice lowers stress, improves productivity, and contributes to greater happiness in their employees.

Based on neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and secular mindfulness practice, our Mindful@Work professional development program focuses on core skill-sets for optimal performance in the workplace. Participants will learn the fundamentals of
mindfulness, including how to train attention, reduce stress, work with emotions, work well with others, navigate challenges, and develop the capacity to improve overall wellbeing. Ultimately, the program helps participants cultivate mental and physical resilience that can be applied in personal lives and in the workplace.

This program is tailored for corporate wellness programs, police academies, first responders, university and post-graduate settings, and one-on-one therapeutic sessions. Both virtual and in-person trainings are available.

Course Details

Instructors: Learner Self-Directed

Cost: $250.00 CAD

Skill Level: MAP Certified Facilitators only.

Language: English

Course Duration: 1 hour (self-directed video).

Home Assignments: 2 hours

Materials: Electronic handouts and assignments provided.

Location: Online

Payment Plans: We offer installment payment plans, if needed. Please email our Administrative Manager/Catalyst, Nicole North, for more information at: info@globalmindscollective.com

What you'll learn

  • Develop strategies to train attention, manage emotions, and reduce stress
  • Improve emotional intelligence skills to increase self-awareness, perspective-taking, and responsible decision-making
  • Build effective listening and communication skills
  • Build quality relationships and a culture of curiosity
  • Learn eight integration strategies to advance newly learned skills and insights into daily life.
  • Strengthen your personal mindfulness practice

What you'll RECEIVE

  • 1 Mindful@Work Workbook
  • 8 Mindful@Work sessions PDFs for online facilitation
  • Access to meditation recordings
  • Current research and articles

What People Are Saying

I found the Mindful@Work program to be easily accessible, yet deeply profound in my own life. I can’t praise this beautiful program enough and am honoured to be a facilitator. My students were pleased too with how the TAKE 5 mindful breaths helped to relieve exam stress.

- Lee Anne Johnston, Writer & Teacher

This highly adaptable and engaging program sets the stage for a workplace that promotes respect for others and gives participants tools to build self-care practices into their workday. How valuable!

- Jennifer Hickey, Learning and Development Administrator, Human Resources

Terms and Conditions

Refunds & Privacy: See our Refunds & Shipping Policy and Privacy Policy. We do not offer a refund for this upgrade.

Curriculum Evolution: The Mindful@Work curriculum was originally developed by Mindfulness Without Borders, a leading provider of best practices and evidence-based programs on secular mindfulness and social emotional learning. The Global MINDS Collective team is currently working with a team to adapt the curriculum in a manner that reflects equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonial practices, while still honouring the spirit of the original training. As such, a new version of the Mindful@Work upgrade will be available in 2024. Individuals who already have access to the Mindful@Work program prior to this change will have an opportunity to receive the new version at a reduced cost.