Advocating for Mental Health

Advocating for Mental Health

October 10th marks worldwide mental health day, a day on which hopefully we can come together and advocate for a society in which all struggles, visible and non-visible, are deemed valid and those who need care are able to access it. Mental health isn’t a fringe issue, nor is it relegated solely to those who find themselves severely impaired.

Day-to-day mental health is important for us all. Much of the mindfulness and social-emotional intelligence programming we work so hard to implement has fundamental principles of mental health at its core. This is, and always has been something MWB cares deeply about. Unfortunately, all too often mental health issues both large and small are stigmatized, marginalized or otherized … this needs to stop. We need to become ally’s and advocates for those who find themselves in the throes of a mental health issues and we need to create a society that allows time and space to attend to the day-to-day upkeep of our own mental health.

 So, as fall starts to settle and the leaves begin to change think about ways that you too might be able to change your approach or perspective on mental health.

Questions to Consider

  • How might you be a better ally?

  • What preconceived notions might you be able to challenge?

  • How can you build self-care habits into your own life?

  • How can you help others that are suffering and /or stigmatized?

Bringing mental health into the light is not only important, it’s imperative. So, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s begin to build a world where every day is mental health day.

Let’s breathe together using TAKE FIVE to welcome in a fresh perspective and advocate for more understanding surrounding mental health.



By Theo Koffler, speaker, author and founder of Mindfulness Without Borders – a charitable organization that facilitates programs and workshops to strengthen social and emotional intelligence and secular mindfulness in youth and the adults that surround them.