It’s easy to notice the big things. A friend’s suffering, huge thunderstorms and/or music blasting from the party next door have no trouble making their mark. But when it comes to subtle bodily cues and inner emotional states of being we often have a harder time.

What would it mean to tap into the little things in life? How might you feel if you were able to spend even just a couple moments noticing how you feel, appreciating your surroundings or simply being kind to others?

The busy nature of modern day society can be distracting and dissociative. We can easily spend hours at a time peering at our screens, while never once looking up to gaze out the window or into the eyes of a loved one. As Richard Davidson and Daniel Goleman articulate in their new book, Altered Traits, “a wealth of information means a poverty of attention.”

Rather than letting the moment pass you by, set an intention to live in it. Stop for a moment to ponder what you might do differently so that you don’t miss life’s array of experiences.

Just for today, think about a simple change you can make that will better enable you to give each moment the attention it deserves. Ask yourself “what can I do to put people before personal gadgets?” Concerning yourself with connection, rather than clicks, will not only enhance each individual moment, it’ll enrich your life as a whole. If this sounds challenging, you’re not alone. But what do you have to lose? Give it a try, experience it for yourself and see if you notice the difference.